IT Staffing & Cyber Security

MasonWest IT Recruiters specializes in IT Cyber Security, IT Risk Management, IT Audit, IT Risk and Compliance.  Regardless of the industry, having the right Information Technology Staff on hand is more vital today then ever.  

We support your organization by providing the short or long term solutions you desire.  With IT Security becoming the #1 problem & risk for most organizations.  Finding the ideal IT Security, Risk and Compliance experts to support your organization has never been more crucial.  In fact Cyber Security is the #1 issue facing CEO's and CISO's in this day and age and to top it off the unemployment rate outlook for Cyber Security professionals is projected to be at 0% until 2025.  


The Talent war has been on for years and there is no end in sight for top talent in IT.  The people you are looking for are not going to be applying to your positions on your website.  They are individuals who are finding solutions for other organizations.    Acquiring top IT talent within these specialities is where we come in.   

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